Joe Kennedy Nails GOP Irresponsibility With Trump/Russia Scandal

Joe Kennedy Nails GOP Irresponsibility With Trump/Russia Scandal

Massachusetts Representative Joseph Kennedy III has to deal with the expectations placed on him by being the son of former US Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II and the great nephew of former President John F. Kennedy. Rep. Kennedy III is doing his best to live up to those expectations, and he recently aired his analysis on the Trump-Russia scandal through his Facebook page. Rep. Kennedy III believes that Russia got involved in the recent presidential election to damage people’s faith in democracy and to threaten the integrity of the entire process. He believes that an investigation is the best course of action, and if President Trump is transparent, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Rep. Kennedy III says that there is enough evidence to say with certainty that the Russian government and Russian intelligence agencies interfered in the Democratic process. He believes that the resignations and firings of campaign officials and Trump associates, such as Attorney General Jeff Sessions, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes are an attempt to mislead the American public.

Rep. Kennedy III says that it is troubling that James Comey, Sally Yates, and others were dismissed for looking into President Trump’s relationship with Russia. He believes that Russia’s goal from the start was to damage the credibility of democracy. Rep. Kennedy III questions why the Trump Administration refuses to answer a few simple questions concerning Russia.

He calls on President Trump to explain why he continues to be friendly with a Russian government that does not share the same views and opinions as America. He believes that there should be an independent investigation into the Russia scandal, because only an independent commission can find the subpoena power to conduct a full investigation. Rep. Kennedy III asks the Trump Administration and other Republicans in Congress to speak out against this national security issue. This is a threat against democracy, our nation, and our values, and the only way to defend these things is to stand United. He urged every American to make sure that their voice is heard.

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