Joe Biden Skips the Correspondents’ Dinner – Outclasses Trump in Spectacular Fashion

Everyone’s favorite Vice President and America’s Uncle, Joe Biden, is making headlines again in the wake of Donald Trump’s announcement that he would not be attending the White House Correspondent’s Dinner on April 29th. It has long been customary for a sitting President to attend the dinner and poke fun at themselves while honoring the men and women of the White House Press Corps.

To say that President Trump has a dry sense of humor would be putting mildly. He especially chafes when shows like Saturday Night Live make fun of him. It came as no surprise when the New York Times reported that Trump would bypass the dinner. Instead, Trump is holding a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. Why he feels the need to campaign for re-election after being in office for 100 days is anyone’s guess. It is more likely that his narcissism dictated trying to steal the thunder of the Press Corps.

Little did Trump know that his decision would bring Uncle Joe back into the national spotlight. In 2014, Vice President Biden filmed a video with Julia Louis-Dreyfus which offered a take on choosing to skip the dinner. The video was hailed by Time and other publications as a tour de force of comedy. The video was used to kick off that year’s Correspondent’s Dinner.

In the video, Biden and Dreyfus engage in capers that include getting tattoos and making changes to news headlines. There are even cameo appearances by First Lady Michelle Obama and other government leaders.

Trump’s decision to skip the dinner has sent many people to YouTube and other sources searching for the video.

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