JetBlue Told A Plane Full Of People They Could Take A Trip For Free – But Here’s The Catch

In a country often bitterly divided by politics, there must be a few things Americans can agree on.

Like that a free roundtrip flight to anywhere you want is a no brainer.

In the name of an important social experiment, some passengers on a JetBlue flight got an opportunity they couldn’t say no to – but it came with an important catch.

Around 150 passengers were offered a free flight, domestic or international, but they had to all agree on the location.

“You can only go one place,” a JetBlue employee leading the experiment told passengers.

With red and blue paddles in hand, passengers voted: domestic or international?

“You gotta get out of the country at least once in your life,” one passenger said.

And if you don’t have a passport?

Don’t let a little thing like a passport stop you from a free flight out of the country. Get one.

International, it is.

Given a list of locations JetBlue flies to, passengers lobbied, jockeyed and campaigned for their destination of choice.

Aruba, Colombia, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Costa Rica. One by one, the narrowing began.

“Remember, we all go or no one goes,” the JetBlue employee said.

Slowly, the destination was whittled down to two.

“Remember, people, we all need to make some compromises, we all need to make some sacrifices,” the JetBlue representative said.

In the end, 150 strangers compromised their individual choices in the name of a free vacation and came together to make a unanimous decision to go to …

Well, just watch the video and see for yourself.

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