Jeff Bridges Has Been Madly In Love For 38 Years! Here’s The Moment When He Almost Lost It All

When Susan Geston revealed her master plan to boyfriend Jeff Bridges, it dawned on him that he needed to do something quickly. The actor understood at the time that Geston wanted to make a significant change to her life. She felt the need to relocate to Montana. Geston wanted to leave Malibu, California and marry and raise children in The Treasure State.

Bridges recalled that Geston said that she was aware of the fact that he was unsure, but she truly yearned to return to Montana due to the status of her biological clock. Geston indicated that she understood Bridges cared for her, but she really wished to follow her heart. Geston was in no way trying to force Bridges to alter his life for her. She was simply letting him know her own personal intentions. At that time, Bridges came to the understanding that he needed to take action.

If he didn’t, he’d end up having to say goodbye to the woman he loved so much for good, which would not be easy for him. Bridges knew he didn’t have it in him to part ways with Geston. He knew that if he did part ways with her that he’d regret it as he grew older. Bridges didn’t want to risk that happening so he decided to propose to Getson. She responded with a simple “OK” and asking Bridges when he planned on tying the knot with her. Bridges clearly wanted to do things quickly. The pair got married just five days after the initial discussion. Their wedding was held on June 5th, 1977.

The couple’s relatives and friends all were there to witness them. Bridges noted that he had an epiphany at that time. He developed a deep understanding of the beauty of marriage. He said that marriage gave him the chance to go through all sorts of magnificent feelings. He also said that marriage opened him up to the concept of being with another person through thick and thin, no matter what obstacles life may throw at him. It’s now been almost four decades since Bridges committed himself to Geston. Bridges and Geston have been married for 38 years and share three children together. They even have a grandchild. Things are still going very strong with them to this day. And what exactly is the secret of their success in marriage? The secret is that they provide each other with necessary support. They enjoy seeing the other thrive and do well in life. They’re not competitive with each other.

They both care about the small details in life. They don’t simply overlook them in favor of seemingly larger topics. They’re madly in love. They genuinely feel love when they’re together, and that’s not something that’s easy to come by in this world, particularly in this day and age. It’s actually a bona fide rarity. When you look at the way Bridges talks about his beloved wife, it’s more than apparent how he feels about her. The feeling is surely 100 percent mutual. You just can’t fake that type of admiration and adoration.

Bridges’ emotions toward his wife are honest and genuine. He doesn’t look back and regret a single day of his life with her, and why exactly should she? It appears that Geston has made Bridges a very content and happy man for many decades now. He’s certainly made her a happy woman for that time period, as well. Bridges and Geston are the definition of “happily ever after.”

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