Jeb Bush Says George W. Bush Is His MOST Trusted Middle East Adviser?

Jeb Bush Says George W. Bush Is His MOST Trusted Middle East Adviser?

Jeb Bush, who may soon become a Republican candidate for president, suprised a gathering of wealthy conservatives in Manhattan by announcing his brother, George, as an advisor on affairs in Israel. The declaration was first reported by the Washington Post.

Given George’s questionable presidency, the move was unexpected, especially since Jeb has kept his distance from his brother in recent years to ward off accusations of building a political dynasty. People close to Jeb’s camp have stated that Jeb respects his brother’s advice when it comes to Israel, and there is nothing more to it than that.

The move is also thought to be related to criticism from Israeli hardliners who took issue with his connection to James Baker, formerly the Secretary of State. Baker was outspoken regarding the Israeli government’s inability to work out its differences with Palestine.

Jeb uniting with George is interesting considering the controversy surrounding George’s time in office. The plunging economy and Iraq war took a toll on Americans as did the news of torture programs around the globe and George’s questionable ideology that played heavily into foreign policy and led to a poor approval rating.

While it is unclear what will happen to Jeb in the future election, some see his reconnection with George as a way to raise more campaign funds while others question the wisdom of allowing George to advise on such a delicate matter as Israel.

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