I’ve Seen Thousands Of Carol Burnett Clips And Few Have Made Me Laugh As Hard As THIS…

There are some television shows that had wholesome content and were suitable for the entire family to watch. Times have changed, and people are not really talking about the classic television shows that didn’t have as much violence and other disturbing content that the shows today have.

There are some ways to still see some of the comedians of years ago, and when those shows are seen, viewers remember why they laughed so much in the first place.

One show that almost everyone talked about was “The Carol Burnett Show”. The actors were some of the best in their day, but when they were on screen, they seemed to show that they were human like everyone else. Some of them forgot their lines while others just didn’t want to keep a serious look.

One sketch is called Siamese Elephants. This is a monologue involving Carol Burnett, and it’s clear to see why so many people loved the humor of the show and why viewers followed her after the show stopped airing. The man in the scene starts talking about elephants and one in particular having a dwarf trainer.

Carol cannot seem to keep her composure. Everyone on the set starts laughing at the thought of elephants in some of the funniest situations.

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