I’ve Seen Every Episode Of I Love Lucy Many Times, But This Still Ranks As One Of My Favorites!

Lucille Ball is one of the most famous television stars of all time. Everyone has seen “I Love Lucy” at some point in their lives. The classic comedy show ran for nearly seven years during the 1950s. Lucy was always getting herself into trouble, and her husband Ricky was forced to put up with her ridiculous schemes. The chemistry between the characters on” I Love Lucy” helped the show become a hilarious success. Lucy and her wife Ricky, who was a Cuban bandleader, would often get themselves into trouble with their neighbors Fred and Ethel Mertz.

“I Love Lucy” was a fun show for everyone involved. However, Lucille Ball was the true heart and soul of the show. Over the course of “I Love Lucy’s” network syndication on CBS, Lucy was involved in unforgettable moments. For instance, who hasn’t seen the famous chocolate factory episode? In case you missed it, Lucy and Ethel were given the simple task of wrapping up chocolates before they were sent down a conveyor belt. While the task seemed simple enough, Lucy and Ethel couldn’t keep up with the speed of the conveyor belt. So, instead of risking their jobs, the dubious duo decided to eat as much chocolate as possible. After a few hilarious minutes, there was simply too much chocolate to eat. The boss of the chocolate factory was forced to fire Ethel and Lucy.

Lucille Ball was a fan of her own show, and it’s not without reason. There was nothing else on the air as funny or interesting as “I Love Lucy.” However, when asked what her favorite moment of the show was, Lucy had to stop and think about it. Of course, the chocolate factory episode came to mind, but it wasn’t actually her favorite. Lucy revealed that the commercial for “Vitameatavegamin” was her favorite episode of the series. “Vitameatavegamin” was a powerful healing elixir that was made up of 23% alcohol, but Lucy had no idea. So, she decided to gulp down huge spoonfuls of the elixir during her demonstration. In a matter of minutes, Lucy was drunk and slurring her words. The episode only got more ridiculous as it went on, but it was funny the whole way through.

Although it has been many years since her passing, Lucille Ball will be remembered forever as one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Grandparents still watch “I Love Lucy” with their grandchildren, and that alone is pretty amazing. “I Love Lucy” is more than 50-years-old, but everyone still laughs at Lucy’s crazy antics.

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