I’ve Heard Many People Claim They Sound Just Like Elvis And It’s A Lie. But This Kid? Wow

David Thibault’s voice is a lot different than that of a typical sixteen year-old boy’s. His voice is so mature sounding and deep. It is hard to believe that such a powerful voice comes from a teenager. David recently did a cover of Elvis’s classic “Blue Christmas” that has mesmerized many people. You can tell that the reporters who are in the studio with David are also impressed by his voice.

David can potentially have a very successful singing career. Not only does he have an amazing voice, but he can also play the guitar. People who have never heard the recording before would probably think that it was really Elvis singing. The song will make a great addition to anyone’s Christmas mix tape.

David’s video has become very popular on social media. The video has been shared over 10,000 times on social media. It has also been viewed over 676,000 times on YouTube.

Even though David is fluent in English, his native language is French. He stated that he became interested in Elvis because of his grandfather. He calls himself a “Professional Elvis Impersonator.” Additionally, David has participated in a French version of “The Voice,” which is a popular singing show.

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