Ivanka Trump Tweets Horrible Memorial Day Message, Regrets It In 3 Seconds

Ivanka Trump Tweets Horrible Memorial Day Message, Regrets It In 3 Seconds

It has been a very prominent news story that the current President has a bad Twitter habit. Not only does he tweet frequently but at strange hours of the night as well. It seems that he often likes to tweet when it is around 2 or 3 in the morning. That being said, he is not the only one in the family who has been criticized for tweets.

Ivanka Trump has released a tweet now which has drawn a lot of heat. This is because she tweeted on Memorial Day about making champagne popsicles. Not only was the message something that a lot of people found unimportant but also a bad idea to send out on Memorial Day. They would have liked to see her saying something about the sacrifice of the veterans or something about service in general.

People on Twitter immediately jumped on this. They began to make memes and other quirky statements about the tweet that she had sent out. They made statements about how the President was planning to cut a huge amount of money from child’s nutrition program and how going on about champagne just seemed so out of touch.

Another of her tweets asked followers to talk about what their fun plans were for Memorial Day. That sent off another frenzy of tweets from people attacking her for only talking about having fun on a holiday like this.

The privileges that the Trump family enjoys are more than what most other families in America or indeed most other parts of the world. While it may have seemed like they wanted to hide this fact while working on the campaign, they don’t seem to much care that people know about it now.

People will continue to keep their eyes on the Twitter feeds of the Trump family and will continue to make funny jokes about them so long as they continue to be absurd and out of touch.

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