Insects Won’t STAND A Chance Against This Secret Ingredient! I Had No Idea…

Insects Won’t STAND A Chance Against This Secret Ingredient! I Had No Idea…

If you’re not a fan of insects, then summer can be slightly frustrating at times. Also, there’s a reason why mosquitoes have been in the news so much recently; they can carry diseases that possess the potential to cause massive problems for both people and pets. Although the weather’s great in the summertime, it’s difficult to enjoy it when you’re being bombarded by bugs who may or may not be a threat to your health.

This hack will help you to get through the summer months with ease. Although all of the normal wisdom applies—you should always wear long sleeves and screen off outside areas—this magnificent Mason jar idea will make the bugs zoom away from you and your loved ones. Not only is it effective, but it’s also natural, so you won’t have to worry about adverse side effects. Here’s how you will make the potent potion.

Take lemon and lime slices and put them into a Mason jar, adding a couple sprigs of rosemary. Fill up your Mason jar with water, then add 10 drops each of the following essential oils: lemon, thyme, lavender and cedarwood.

These are incredibly effective, natural bug-repelling oils that also happen to smell amazing. If you feel like adding a festive touch to the concoction, add a tea light on top of the water whenever you’re having a party. Guests will appreciate your creativity—and the fact that the bugs are being kept away!

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