‘InfoWars’ Reports: New Trump Tape To Be Released To CNN 48 Hrs Before Inauguration

‘InfoWars’ Reports: New Trump Tape To Be Released To CNN 48 Hrs Before Inauguration

In just a couple of days, Donald Trump will be our new president of the United States. To say that Mr. Trump has attracted controversy during the last year is an understatement. Between his controversial tweets, his notorious boasting about sexually assaulting women and his bigoted comments made during the election campaign, it seems like Donald’s team spends more time doing damage control than coming up with effective strategies to unite the nation.

Back in October, The Washington Post released an audio snippet of a conversation between the president-elect and former Access Hollywood host Bully Bush that involved Trump apparently bragging about sexually assaulting women. Needless to say, it has become evident that the incident wasn’t scandalous enough to cost him the presidential election just days later.

However, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars has come out with news of a new tape that could do tremendous damage to Trump’s reputation, or whatever is left of it. This supposed tape is said to contain two minutes of damning proof of Trump’s bigotry. An outtake of Trump’s network television series The Apprentice, the video shows him hurling slurs and making shockingly racist, sexist and ableist comments.

Many of us first learned about this supposed tape from comedian Tom Arnold who claims to have seen the tape himself. Back in December, Arnold, who has known the president-elect personally for 25 years, made mention of this tape during a radio interview.

During the radio interview, Arnold stated that despite the shocking content of the tape, he has his doubts that this would influence Trump’s supporters who managed to stand by him despite numerous other displays of bigotry in the past.

Now, Watson has stated that this tape will be released to the public within 48 hours of the inauguration. The release of this tape is intended to deeply damage Trump’s public image and will reportedly be leaked to both Buzzfeed and CNN, two news outlets that have earned Trump’s outspoken disapproval over the last week.

The reason that the tape has not yet been released is due to a lack of financial backing, sources say. It’s not hard to imagine a massive lawsuit resulting from such a controversial action.

Whether or not we will ever actually get to see the tape in question remains to be seen. One thing, however, is certain: Donald Trump has managed to find himself deeply entangled in an astonishing number of scandals in the recent past and the man hasn’t even been sworn in as president of the United States yet.

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