In The War On Drugs Alcohol Remains One Of The Biggest Killers. Do You Want Stricter Laws?

In The War On Drugs Alcohol Remains One Of The Biggest Killers. Do You Want Stricter Laws?

Drugs can ruin lives. There’s no two ways around it – some drugs are legal, some drugs aren’t, some drugs are safer, some more dangerous. And studies have proven time and again that one very legal drug in particular is ruining more lives than any other legal substance: Alcohol.

America loves it’s liquor. There are many in this country who have problems with drinking, in fact the number of people who drink in the United States has risen dramatically in recent years. An occasional, or recreational drink is no problem, just like all things: moderation is key. But when someone is an immoderate drinker, ugly damage can be done to both body and family.

While men have historically been considered the heavier drinkers, now more women are drinking heavily and habitually as well. It could be because of higher stress lives, or because of personal or socioeconomic factors but in either case the problem isn’t a gender based one – anyone can be a drunk.

Sadly, until those who drink heavily can get help or help themselves, there probably won’t be many changes in the numbers, and they could very likely get bigger before they get any smaller. There are a lot of substances out there to get addicted to that are less likely to cause you physical and emotional damage. Caffeine is a legal drug people enjoy every morning, every day. Marijuana is becoming more and more legal, and there has never been a recorded death from heavy pot smoking. Hell, some people can even become addicted to working out because the muscles excrete endorphins and it feels really really good. So if you or your family has a history of alcoholism, an you’re worried it could damage your life – don’t waste your time with alcohol. Try something else to replace it.

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