I Thought She Was Hurting The Babies, But The Reality Of What She Is Doing Is Wonderful!

The Thalasso Baby Bath technique was created by Sonia Rochel a French newborn nurse. This technique is demonstrated in a video of two newborn twin babies. When babies are born they leave the warm enclosed environment of the womb and enter a large, loud and bright world. This can be quite shocking.

Rochel closely observed newborns over the course of her nursing work, and from those observations she developed this technique. The bathing technique is intended to replicate the sense of warmth and comfort of being in the womb. It provides a calming and less harsh entry into the world for the babies.

Although they have been born they are able to continue to experience something that reminds them of their previous home while being gradually welcomed into the world.

In this particular video we are shown twin babies being bathed with the Thalasso Baby Bath technique. Their eyes remain closed and they embrace each other in an almost clinging way throughout the bath. Even as they are gently moved around they reach out for each other and refuse to be separated.

This demonstrates in a beautiful physical way the deep connection between twins. It is clear they have a unique bond that differs from the bond and love between two people who have not shared a womb.

It is easy to imagine how emotionally connected they will be for life when we witness these few moments after birth when they are being bathed with this special technique.

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