I Can’t Stop Crying. His Newborn Sister Just Died At Birth. But His Reaction? Watch Now

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time in people’s lives. Sometimes life has different plans and an exciting adventure unfolds into a time of uncertainty or even grief. Such was the case for the Morton family when little Kaira was born.

Little Kaira Morton’s birth was a stillborn delivery. The beautiful little girl appeared so small and frail to her awaiting family. Her parents took a short while to grieve, but they recognized that they weren’t the only ones suffering. The Mortons’ son, nicknamed J-Funk, was eagerly awaiting to be introduced to his new sister. Instead of focusing only on themselves, the children’s mother set aside her grief and drew little J-Funk up onto the hospital bed, where she was still cradling Kaira’s lifeless body.

The toddler draws close to his mother, who realizes that her son is also in mourning. What she did next? Utterly selfless.

Kaira and J-Funk’s mother began speaking to the boy about what happened to his sister and allowed him to cry. She then introduced the two siblings, allowing J-Funk time to touch and cradle the little cherub as well. She understood the importance and value of bonding, grieving, and of closure.

How could anyone not be moved to tears by such an act of love?

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