Husband’s Reaction To Pregnancy Went Viral. Weeks Later They Have To Announce THIS. UGH

It can be hard for couples to conceive a child in some circumstances. Whether it’s a health related problem, a lifestyle problem, or whatever else sometimes children don’t me easy to people. Arkell and Dana Graves are a married couple who’ve proven this – they first attempted to have a baby 17 years ago, shortly before they said their wedding vows. The couple experienced serious obstacles whilst trying to have a baby, however. Dana went through four miscarriages and had a stillborn baby at six months pregnant.After going through so much heartache, the pair accepted the fact that parenthood might not have be in their cards.

Many other couples are familiar with the stress and frustration that fertility problems and the pregnancy can cause. Arkell and Dana are far from alone in this. The excited pair uploaded a video clip that quickly spread throughout the web. In this video, Dana creeps up on her husband who’s busy preparing food in their kitchen. He’s standing right in front of the oven when Dana tells him that she too has a little something baking in the oven. He doesn’t really acknowledge what she said for a couple of seconds until it finally dawns on him that his beloved wife was finally pregnant.

Since the couple chose to quit attempting to get pregnant half a decade ago, this was utterly unexpected to Arkell. Dana tells her shocked and elated husband that she’s 19 weeks along and that their little baby boy is happily expected to be born in February. Needless to say, Arkell looks as if he’s hearing the best news of his life. The joy he is so obviously feeling was absolutely tangible and that’s precisely why this clip was so touching and has spread throughout the internet so quickly. Dana had no choice but to give birth to her baby roughly three weeks post-announcement. The couple’s son, as a result, came into this world 16 weeks prematurely. Arkell took it upon himself to talk about the subject on his Facebook page…

The father-to-be posted a status update that his child would have to be born at merely 24 weeks. He wrote that his wife was in the critical care section of the hospital and that her body couldn’t tolerate any more of the pregnancy. Thankfully, it seems like everything went relatively smooth during the labor and birthing process. Arkell later posted a message that revealed that their son Kaleb Arkell Graves had been brought into the world.

The video Graves posted of the pregnancy announcement is truly heartwarming. It’s wonderful to see the joy that having children can bring into some peoples’ lives. Arkell and Dana surely are going to be excellent parents for little Kaleb.

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