How These Teachers Welcome The New School Year Has Me Beaming With Joy

Everybody knows that crazy things can happen at the end of the school year. However, did you know that even crazier things can happen at the beginning of a new school year? It’s true! That is exactly what happened at a public school in Iowa.

The setting was a school auditorium. Like hundreds of thousands of other teachers around the country, this room was full of teachers listening to a superintendent drone on about standards, expectations, and the new school year. Suddenly, a teacher stood up and took the stage. Using a microphone, he began singing a parody of a song from the historic musical Les Miserables. Groups of other teachers began singing, and they marched towards the stage with a flag.

The point of the song was to celebrate teachers having “One More Day” of planning and working in their classrooms without their students. The teachers in the audience loved it! The message of the song certainly was appropriate for the last day of planning before being bombarded by busloads of new students for the year.

It also perked up what is usually a rather tedious and boring day for teachers. No one wants to be sitting in meetings when there is still so much preparation to do inside of classrooms to get ready for students. This teacher flash mob was exactly what everyone in this school district needed to close out their summer vacation and get back to the grind of teaching. Check out the video below!

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