How Should America Get Rid Of The Muslims? Fear Not. Donald Trump Is “Looking Into It”

Presidential hopeful Donald the Trump has been saying some sincerely shocking and horrifyingly frequent things since he announced his candidacy and was given the spotlight. This tendency to bluntly speak his mind is one of the qualities that his supporters have admired about him, however, right now he is getting more attention for what he didn’t say.

At a campaign event recently, Trump granted someone from the audience a question, the inquisitor opened by stating that Muslims were a major problem in this country and implied that President Barack Obama was both a Muslim and not a legal American citizen…

However, his main point was to accuse Muslims of building training camps to destroy America and to suggest that we need to rid ourselves of the Muslim “scourge” entirely. Trump’s response to this hateful question was fairly tepid. He seemed to acknowledge agreement with the questioner’s views about Muslims and the President.

He responded that he was looking into the problem the man addressed and into some other things. What really upset people about his generic response was that he didn’t challenge the inflammatory rhetoric. He just let the racist bigot blow his ignorant load everywhere, then grinned concurrently and wiped the racist cum off his face. It pissed some people off.

Even some of his fellow Republicans have attacked him for his lack of a response. John McCain faced a similar question in 2008 in regards to Barack Obama, and he immediately corrected the woman. A polite and correct way to handle such a filthy question. Trump’s unwillingness to do so may shed worrisome light on his views toward Muslims.

The trump seems to be putting a lot of faith in the racist crowd getting him through the primary. But what kind of man depends on a crowd like that? If the Trump thinks he’s going to take the oval office by continuing to make a mockery of America’s presidential election and siding with the bigots, he may very well have another thing coming.

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