Horrific Car Crash Takes 3 Children’s Lives. 6 Months Later, Mom And Dad Can’t Believe It…

Parents Lori and Chris Coble lived through a tragedy that no parent should ever have to go through. One afternoon Lori was driving with her children Emma, Kyle, and Katie when a big rig truck that was carrying tens of thousands of pounds of cargo plowed into the family’s mini van.

Lori has no memories from that day, which might be for the better. She was rushed off to the hospital, while her three precious children were rushed off to another. Chris anxiously awaited to hear the news about his family. Sadly he got the news that all three of his children did not make it. They lost their 5-year-old son Kyle, their 4-year-old daughter Emma, and their 2-year-old daughter Katie. Thankfully Lori pulled through. The Cobles worked together to put their life back in order after having it shattered to pieces.

Lori and Chris worked together to seek justice for their lost children. The driver of the truck, Jorge Miguel Romero, pleaded no contest to his three charges of vehicular manslaughter. It turns out that Romero had a history of speeding. The Cobles then turned to the trucking industry, hoping to change some of their policies that would help save other lives in the future. Truckers get paid by the mile, which is an incentive for them to speed. The Cobles are lobbying for that to change.

The biggest surprise in their lives, however, is that six months after the tragedy, Lori found that she was pregnant- with triplets!! The couple felt like Kyle, Emma, and Katie had a hand in sending their new siblings to their parents. And, just like their first set of children, the Cobles had a boy and two girls. This year, Jake, Ashley, and Ellie Coble are going to celebrate their eighth birthday. While their older siblings can never be replaced, Lori and Chris are thankful that they were able to move forward.

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