His Wife Records Him Saying This To His Daughter, And I’m A Complete Mess. Life Isn’t Fair

Life is unpredictable. We have a defined beginning, but do not know when the day will come that our journey in this mortal life comes to an end. For the late Nick Magnotti he likely never imagined that his life would come to a close at young age of 27. He was 22-years-old when he married Alyssa, the love of his life. After only two years of marriage, he underwent an operation on his appendix. Upon coming out of the anesthesia, he was informed that oncologists had discovered he had appendix cancer.

What resulted was a long and painful struggle to fight the disease. Finally, he came to realize that a long life was not a blessing he would enjoy. He stopped taking medication knowing that it would hasten the spread of the cancer. At the same time, it would allow him to enjoy what little time he had remaining.

In this video, you’ll see Nick looking gaunt; he now had stage IV appendix cancer. Still, he summed up his sentiment in the video as being “blessed”. Despite his cancer, he was able to father a lovely baby girl whom he openly showered with affection. He pushed through the emotion to express the joy of being blessed to love and be loved.

In fact, Nick expressed gratitude to God for providing them the financial means to spend all their time together, and do activities of their choice. Nick realized that while he wouldn’t live as long as he might have hoped, he experienced the full power of love. In the end, it is the only thing we take with us. He passed away a few months after making the video.

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