His Son Can’t Walk or Talk, But Watch What Happens When Dad Starts Rapping…

Any parent of a special needs child will tell you that they do not have an easy job. However, the love that one receives from their son or daughter will make the task a lot easier. Jayce Correia, for example, loves his son and rapping. He witnessed firsthand how music can have rehabilitative effects for people.

Jayce’s son, Jared, is only eight years-old. He cannot talk, see or stand, but when Jayce started rapping, Jared seemed to take genuine interest. In the video it seems as though he is trying to rap along with his father. Jayce wrote a song for his son in order to make communicating with him easier.

Jared’s disability as a result of a stroke he suffered when he was in the womb. He also suffers from many debilitating medical conditions, including epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Jared has undergone seven brain procedures in order to alleviate some of his symptoms, and will need to have many more procedures in the future. Jared cannot comprehend many things, but he can feel and hear rhythms and beats.

Jayce says that he wrote a song for Jared when they were waiting for the school bus. He stated that Jared was tired that morning, but as soon as he heard the music, he perked up. Chek out the vodeo below! It is amazing how music can be so effective as a communicator.

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