Hillary Has Two VERY Choice Words For Donald Trump After He Demands Apology

Hillary Has Two VERY Choice Words For Donald Trump After He Demands Apology

Lately, Donald the Trump has received lots of public criticism for his anti-Muslim, anti-Mexican, and anti-environmental comments. And much of that criticism and controversy is well-deserved. Hillary Clinton recently claimed that ISIS is using videos of Trump’s statements to recruit new members. Now, at present, there is no definitive proof that this is true, and Trump demanded an apology from Clinton. The Democratic presidential candidate Chose her next words very carefully:

“Hell no.”

She has nothing to apologize for, considering Trump’s remarks and the amount of unfiltered, undisguised bullshit that constantly spews from his mouth. Muslims from around the world have criticized him for his bigoted stance on people of their faith.

Although Trump’s comments may seem barbaric, he knows how to drum up popular support from the darkest, most ignorant corners of America. There are a lot of idiots in this country, and they’ve all got a vote – Trump’s after every one of them. His words resonate with xenophobes, and closed minded conservatives. Racists, bigots, and others keep flocking to Trump in the polls because there’s finally someone preaching their fearful, angry philosophies in a presidential debate. Trump knows how to capitalize on controversy and bank on the fears of the American people.

By taking a hardline approach to ISIS and Muslims in general, Trump has figured out how to tap into the fears, and hatred of American voters. And Hillary Clinton is taking potshots at Trump whenever possible along the campaign trail… and there’s a lot to criticize.

Clinton is an experienced politician albeit not without her own controversies and missteps, but to go toe to toe with Trump is going to require some unconventional politics. By responding “Hell No”, Clinton is showing Trump that she’s willing to be callous and brash when confronted – effectively puffing her chest and putting her fists up to show everyone she’s capable of grappling with this pop-political-mis-sensation.

Trump and Clinton may very well be the two party choices once the primary elections roll around. As much of the Republican Party tries to oppose Trump, he continues to gain more and more momentum. Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and the rest may not be able to gain enough momentum to claim the presidential nomination. Everyone seems to realize as much at this point, and Clinton may be just the right person to challenge Trump’s outspoken nature. For every anti-woman and anti-Muslim statement Trump makes, Clinton seems willing to respond with harsh criticism.

A recent poll noted that 50% of Americans would be embarrassed to see Trump elected to the presidency, which sounds like a big “HELL NO” from the public. He is a racist and a wild-card, two qualities no presidential candidate should be so proud to flaunt. But if America stoops low enough to welcome a man like Donald Tump into the white house, then we will have truly lost our way as a nation. Only time will tell.

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