Hillary Clinton Vindicated After WikiLeaks Caught Fabricating Released Emails

Hillary Clinton Vindicated After WikiLeaks Caught Fabricating Released Emails

Hillary Clinton, as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States, has been steadily climbing in every respectable poll in the country, and Donald Trump, as the Republican nominee and a potential sex offender, has lost a lot of footing at the hands of the media and his own stupidity. However, something was recently uncovered regarding the WikiLeaks scandal that supposedly showed how Hillary Clinton and the United States in general could have done something to prevent the Benghazi incident for which Clinton is constantly vilified. The revelation might push Clinton to a point where Trump could not possibly catch up with her.

The documents revealed by WikiLeaks included a number of potentially damaging revelations, but it turns out that some, if not all, of those documents were forged. Specifically, a fabricated email that supposedly connected John Podesta with Sidney Blumenthal was supposed to show how Clinton was directly responsible for the attack in Benghazi, yet the email in question never actually existed beyond the desk of the fabricator.

The problem started when documents released by WikiLeaks were shown to include language that was actually attributed to another writer, one who wasn’t even involved in the email scandal to any degree. The writer was Kurt Eichenwald, and his words were falsely attributed to Blumenthal, one of Hillary Clinton’s top confidants. How did this fabrication occur? It was partially due to an error on WikiLeaks part, which seems to point to the fact that the organization isn’t as truthful as they might want the public to think. However, the main culprit in this situation was a Russian media outlet.

The email in question was clearly created in an attempt to discredit Clinton and damage her chances of winning the presidency, but those who spread the fabrication obviously didn’t expect it to go as far is it did, or else they might have been more careful to avoid plagiarism that would prove the fabrication of the document. Whoever created the email clearly didn’t think the truth would ever see the light of day, but now it has.

The words and sentences that were taken from Eichenwald’s piece, which spanned over 10,000 words in total, were taken so far out of context that they could be used to push any agenda when coupled with the appropriate contextual writing. There were only two sentences taken and 22 matching text strings found in the fabricated article, and the rest was used to distort the language of those mentions.

Had the fabricated email simply been released in masse with the rest of the content and spread evenly throughout the dissidents against Clinton, there is a good chance that no one would have discovered the truth of the source. However, the Clinton campaign received a huge amount of help with the issue from none other than Trump himself. Trump’s arrogance and willingness to pounce on any piece of information that might discredit Clinton has proven to be one of his biggest weaknesses. Indeed, Trump has shown that he is perhaps the biggest threat to his own campaign and not Clinton.

The Trump campaign discovered the fabricated email and quickly put it in the hands of Trump himself so he could use it as a point against Hillary. Trump even went so far as to read the email out loud during one of his rallies, and despite the erroneous nature of the content, the remarks were instantly accepted as the truth by Trump’s band of brainwashed followers. Those looking from the outside in might question why Trump’s campaign was sourcing political information about Clinton from a Russian news site, but those sitting in Trump’s crowd had no problem believing the asinine statements.

When Kurt Eichenwald realized that Trump was using parts of something he wrote, yet the words were attributed to one of Clinton’s top aides, he realized right away that someone was purposefully appropriating his work in order to paint an unflattering picture of the Democratic candidate for president.

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