Here’s What A Flight Attendant Did With An Unruly Baby That’s Turning Heads…

Here’s What A Flight Attendant Did With An Unruly Baby That’s Turning Heads…

Heather Gooch and her husband were flying home from a Christmas trip with their nine-month-old son. Since it was the baby’s first trip, they were a little nervous about how he would react. But thankfully, a compassionate flight attendant named Anisse made their flight a little bit easier.

Gooch was so impressed with Anisse’s service, she posted a thank-you on Southwest’s Facebook page hoping that it would somehow get back to the friendly flight attendant.

In the post, she states that she and her husband were flying home to Islip, N.Y. from Fort Lauderdale, Fla. She says that, during the plane ride, her son adored Anisse and kept staring at her whenever she passed.

Once the baby began getting restless, he looked for Anisse. To Gooch’s surprise, the flight attendant actually came by and picked the baby up and began walking with him up and down the aisle. This calmed the nervous baby down and allowed Gooch and her husband to eat their lunch in peace.

Gooch stated in her post that she didn’t expect this would be a story that stood out, but she had to write about it because she had never met a flight attendant that was as kind and helpful as Anisse, adding that her kindness made the trip a bit brighter.

With the power of social media, it’s not surprising that the heartfelt post soon reached Anisse through one of her co-workers. She responded by saying that it was her pleasure to help out that day and she enjoyed hanging out with their young baby.

Anisse added that she constantly reminds adults on her flights that when baby’s make noise, they are just doing what comes naturally to them. She also said that it’s much more preferable to hear a baby whine that it is an adult.

Although Gooch thought that Anisse’s actions only stood out to her, since the post has quickly gone viral, it’s clear that the story is also touching millions of people around the world.

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