Here is Louis CK’s Epic Answer on the Trump vs. Hillary Debacle

At a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, comedian Louis CK was letting his feelings about the election be known. Never one to stay silent on any matter, the redheaded entertainer really let loose this time. Although he has publicly supported Clinton in the past, he doubled down on his statements in this viral appearance.

In fact, CK shed light upon a number issues surrounding the battle between Trump and Clinton. He blasted those who believe that choosing Hillary Clinton is the “lesser of two evils”, insisting that she is an extraordinary candidate and that he doesn’t care how much of his fanbase he alienates with his outspokenness.

One of the best parts of his tirade occurred when Louis CK stated that the country would be better off with a mom in the office. He pointed out all the ways in which mothers make sure that their children are taken care of, and said that he believed the country needs a strong mom who is willing to stand up for what’s right. O’Brien gave CK lots of time to express all the ways in which he felt that Clinton was a superior candidate to Trump.

The comedian said that people who vote for Hillary are adults, those who vote for Trump are chumps and that those who don’t vote at all are the ones that are the worst. In a hotly contested election, it certainly can’t hurt HRC’s chances to have someone as high-profile as Louis CK in her corner.

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