Her Son Was Sick, But Keep Your Eye On What They Dog Does To Make Him Feel Better

A puppy can capture the heart of almost anyone in a short period of time. It only takes about 30 seconds for this puppy to completely melt the hearts of those who see him. When a dog owner is sick, the pet often cuddles up next to that person to try to make him feel better.

It’s often more heartwarming when children are sick as the dog will watch over the child. This puppy does more than just watch out for the baby brother. He cuddles with the little boy to try to make him feel better. The mother walked in on the dog with the baby and grabbed her camera in order to capture the moment.

The little boy lays on the couch as he doesn’t feel good. The puppy is laying behind the baby with his arm around the baby’s stomach.

It almost looks like the dog knows that the baby is sick and is trying to make sure he feels secure. Although the dog is bigger than the baby, it’s a scene that will tug at the heart as it shows that animals are sensitive to the needs of those who they live with on a daily basis.

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