Her Fiancé Agreed To Chop His Hair For The First Time In 20 Years – But She Never Expects THIS!

Roger did not cut his hair for 20 years. He was known for his bushy eyebrows, thick beard and long hair. His fiancee loved him, but she wanted him to get a hair cut. That is why she told him to get a hair cut. She stated that it would be the best pre-wedding gift ever.

Roger had his hair cut for the first time in two decades on the “Rachel Ray Show”. His hair went all the way down to his waist. The end results were shocking. In fact, the ladies in the audience screamed when they saw how handsome Roger was without all of the hair. Roger’s fiancee was also shocked when she saw the results of his hair cut. Additionally, Rachel was taken aback by Roger’s new look.

People stated that Roger went from being hairy to being a hotty. Not only did Roger receive a hair cut, but the stylists gave him a full makeover. They styled his hair, trimmed his beard and gave him a new suit to wear.

The video clip showing Roger’s new look has been posted on YouTube. It has received over 80,000 times. The video has also become very popular on Facebook. It has received 6.1 million likes.

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