Her Father Interrupts Their First Dance, But When He Does THIS, The Crowd Erupts Into A Frenzy

A newlywed couple named Kyle and Nicole decided that they were going to do something at their wedding that would impress the crowd and make their wedding reception even more memorable.

They had been practicing a dance routine for a long time and decided. While Kyle and Nicole were performing the dance routine, they were interrupted by the father of the bride. The father, who had been sitting in the crowd, decided that he wanted to cut in and dance with his daughter. The two put a spin on the traditional father/daughter dance seen at weddings.

The father mastered the moves perfectly, and he and his daughter continued to entertain the crowd. Although the wedding performance was a surprise, everyone there was still quite impressed. The crowd applauds the father and daughter after they end their dance. The video of the dance has been posted online, and viewers have also been impressed with the dad and daughter’s dance.

The three minute video of the dance has been viewed over one million times and been liked over 415,000 times on Facebook. People love how the bride, groom and father tried to make the wedding different from the traditional wedding.

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