Her Classmate Was VICIOUSLY Assaulted By School Cop Because She Was Doing THIS

Police brutality has been a huge source of controversy lately. And for good reason: it is a rampant and jarring problem here in America. This shocking video of a young high school student being viciously thrown around by a school resource officer has recently hit the internet, and cause quite the stir, having circulated worldwide since the attack.

The horrifying video shows a teenage girl sitting calmly in her desk at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina when Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields approaches her. The 34 year old man quickly wraps his arm around the seated girls throat and starts slamming her against the ground before he throws her her across and drags her on the floor out the door. Other students can be seen sitting nervously, and even covering their faces to hide the ugly scene from vision. Initial reports claimed that the deputy attacked the student after a hugely disruptive verbal altercation. However, a 10th grade student who was in the classroom during the assault tells an entirely different story.

According to sophomore student, Aaron Johnson, the attack was completely unprovoked. He claims that the girl was a new student who was shy and quiet. When the classroom teacher, Mr. Robert Long, realized that she was chewing gum, he asked her to leave the classroom. The school resource officer was called to remove the student, but Johnson says that Fields attacked her even though she had not made any threatening or provoking gestures. Most of the students were frozen in shock, however one student tried to assist the girl and was also arrested for yelling at the officer. The teacher did nothing during the attack, continuing the lesson without comment after the deputy left.

The arrested teenagers were released to their parents after the incident, and the girl who was tossed around the room claims to have suffered from some cuts and other injuries. Fields has been banned from working with the public for now, and may be fired or banned from working at any schools, depending on the results of the investigation. It has been revealed that Fields has received previous complaints and lawsuits during his career as a police officer. As far as this author is concerned, the man belongs in a prison with the rest of the violent criminals. Brutality like this doesn’t belong in cshools. Hell, violence like this doesn’t belong in AMERICA but with trigger happy, and brutal power tripping cops like this bastard, we won’t ever se the end of it.

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