Her Brother Died In An Accident 10 Years Ago, At Her Quinceanera Mom And Dad Reveal A Secret…

Monique was excited to be celebrating her 15th birthday. Her friends and family members were there to help her celebrate, but there was one important person who could not be there.

That person was her brother, Mikey, who died in a car accident 10 years ago. While Monique and her family were mourning the loss of Mikey, a 10-year-girl named Aubrey was dying from a rare form of heart disease. She had two heart transplants, but her body rejected both of them.

Doctors told Aubrey’s family that it would be nearly impossible to find the right match. However, they compared Aubrey’s organs to Mikey’s organs and discovered that the match would be perfect. Aubrey is now 18-years-old. Mikey’s heart and kidneys saved Aubrey’s life. She had never met Mikey’s family, but she was determined to surprise them.

Aubrey attended Monique’s birthday party. She not only gave the family a chance to meet the person whose life was saved by Mikey, but she also gave them the opportunity to hear Mikey’s heartbeat again. Aubrey and Monique now share a special bond because they were brought together by tragedy. Monique stated that meeting Aubrey and getting to hear her late brother’s heartbeat was the best birthday gift ever.

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