Her Boyfriend Started Beating Her, But He Never Expected THIS To Come Out Of Nowhere To Save Her

A story that could have had a tragic end did not because of the heroics of a pit bull. Jamie was attacked by her boyfriend. After being slammed up against a wall, her pit bull Ice defended her against her attacker and grabbed the boyfriend’s pants. After Ice refused to let go, Jamie’s boyfriend was forced to run away and Jamie was able to call for help. He later pled guilty to assault, and he is now her ex-boyfriend.

But since Hazel Park, MI, Jamie’s home, had a pit bull ban, Jamie was facing an unthinkable future. She would either have to move or give up her beloved pit bull that had saved her life!

Because of this story, people in Hazel Park wanted the law to be changed. And because of their actions, Hazel Park has lifted the ban on pit bulls in the town. While dog owners must now get their pit bulls licensed, have them observed for behavior issues, and have training, good dogs like Ice get a new lease on life in Hazel Park.

People rallied to the defense of Ice and other pit bulls, noting that irresponsible owners are the ones who cause problems, not the dogs. Stories like these are part of the reason that pit bull bans are being lifted across the nation and the broad brush of prejudice that has doomed so many pit bulls is slowly starting to fade.

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