He Was Supposed To Die But Didn’t. Watch His Incredible Transformation Back To A Happy Pup

A derelict street person finds a stray puppy and maliciously tortures him, needlessly amputating his paw before throwing him into a shallow river. It should have meant certain death for a little pup named Jordan, but in a video that will astound and inspire you, it meant anything but.

Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue and non-profit, received a report of a small, injured puppy barely hanging onto life in a shallow part of the LA river. Shivering atop an empty chip bag, the rescuers estimated that he’d been there for two days, left alone to die.

Named Jordan by his rescuers, the pint-sized dog was rushed to emergency veterinary services. The staff were awestruck by the fact that he was even alive.

By all accounts, Jordan should have perished. Instead, he survived. Not only did he survive, but he thrived. Jordan was adopted by a foster family, where he began his long journey to health and vitality, along with two older foster dog siblings.

Although the odds were stacked against him, Jordan made a full recovery. He learned how to not only walk, but how to run, play and even swim. At the end of the video – which is sure to make anyone who watches it cry like a baby – Jordan is announced to be 100% recovered and ready to be placed in a permanent home. His miraculous and heartwarming story serves as an inspiration to all of us.

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