He Was Bullied For Being The Hukiest Kid In School — Check Him Out 40 Years Later

He Was Bullied For Being The Hukiest Kid In School — Check Him Out 40 Years Later

Once the human mind embraces progress and not perfectionism, one can go on to accomplish great things. This is a key to starting a journey is significant life change. Few people can pinpoint the exact moment when food morphed from a necessity to an emotional crutch. Often these unregulated eating habits culminate in life threatening conditions. This is what Jared faced as his fortieth birthday raced past him. 500 pounds seemed to be the tipping point as a heartfelt journal entry on June 3rd, 2014 was the start of a personal and physical transformation.

As a husky child, society was not as cognizant about the damaging aspects that bullying can impart on the victim. It assists in imparting an impression of powerlessness that hinders personal development. Jared was aware of the course of his life as the pounds began to pile up. He did not wish to continue on this unhealthy journey but felt unable to do anything.

At times, he might have been willing to do something about it but he had allowed the dimensions of unhappiness, obesity and an unhealthy life style to set into his psyche. June 3rd, 2014 A long time in developing, this date was the tipping point for personal transformation. Looking back, Jared can still not determine a single key moment that made this date his stance. A culmination of setbacks in his personal and professional life assisted in his desire to move forward and care more about his life.

Day One witnessed himself making the before video. He opines on embarking on a new fitness regime with the necessary diet factors also playing a part. It was time to trust not only himself but in another person. That person goes by the nickname DDP and his yoga series has transformed many lives. Diamond Dallas Page A male fitness model who rose to prominence in professional wrestling. His career went longer than most because of his dedication to yoga. Even at age 59, he is a lean physical marvel that most want to emulate. Upon his retirement from the ring, he opened up a yoga studio to impart his lifestyle onto others. His attempts to help fellow wrestler Scott Hall are well documented for giving hope to a man left to the ravages of alcoholism. Jarred trusted this individual and his workout videos to help spur physical transformation that was started by proper diet.

At first, Jared could not get past five minutes of the regime. He stuck to it and progress was then consistently made by him. First time thorough the video was not entirely successful but completing it was a major accomplishment. Bolstered by this mindset, Jared consistently plugged away at it. Monumental effort and change paid off as the world is witness to what Day 390 beheld. He has achieved his goal of physical health. This was a secondary and after effect. It is a reflection of the inner changes he went through. Jared’s testimony is a reflection of what we are all capable of once the internal alterations start to manifest themselves into outward action.

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