He Transforms The Entire Basement Into His Wife’s Dream Room While She’s Away

Andrew Payne recently surprised his wife by creating her dream room. His wife, Sylvia, had went out of town with their daughter for a few weeks. He decided that this would be the perfect time to renovate the room. Andrew is a DIY-er, so he did not mind taking on the project himself. He spent 20 days working on the project, and the end result is amazing.

The room had custom light fixtures, a huge storage closet and hand-crafted tables. There is plenty of room for the wife’s art supplies. Andrew recorded the video of him renovating the room on YouTube.

The video also shows the wife’s and daughter’s reaction when they walk into the room. Silvia was thrilled with the room, but her daughter seemed to be even more excited.The daughter gave her father a big hug. Silvia also gave her husband a hug and a kiss. Andrew’s wife and daughter love to create crafts together.

They previously did not have a lot of room to make their crafts. Not only is the room a great place to make crafts, but it is also a great place to relax. There is enough room to put in a television and a fridge.

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