He Thought This Was Just An Ordinary Taste Test, But What The Last Card Reveals? Life Changing!

A popular vlogger recently received a HUGE surprise from his wife whilst partaking in what he thought was an ordinary blind taste test. The vlogger, whose screen name is DudeLikeHELLA, keeps a video blog of his adventures through Alaska with the hope that his videos can help others find happiness. In this particular vlog, his wife convinced him to make a video of himself doing a blind taste test with foods she chose for him to try. But, little did he know, the real purpose of the video was for her to announce something far more serious.

His wife blindfolded him and proceeded to hand him jars with different foods inside. He tasted each one and she asked him what he thought they were. While he tasted the food, she held up signs to let the audience know that this was no ordinary taste test…

First, he tasted ice cream with honey, which he didn’t guess right. Then, he tasted avocado, which he guessed correctly. The last jar of food contained baby food, which he also guessed right. His wife then asked him why he thought she would include baby food in the mix, but he still didn’t catch on. He believed she had him eat banana baby food because she knew it was his favorite kind.

After she pressed further and asked him who else would like baby food, and he quickly figured out that she was pregnant! He couldn’t have been more thrilled by the announcement, and he immediately became tearful. He kept asking if it was real, and his wife had to show him the pregnancy test to confirm that he was, in fact, going to be a father vlogger. Congrats buddy!

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