He Thinks He’s About To Be Pranked. But What Happens At The End? He’s Left In Tears

There are a few different ways to surprise your partner to let them know you are pregnant. It could be with a card, a picture or a game. One man thinks that he is just playing a game with his wife as she does a taste test. This isn’t what she is doing at all as it’s possibly one of the best pregnancy announcements in some time.

One man wants to learn about happy news, and when he finds it, he posts it online. He’s a vlogger, and he was recently in Alaska trying to help a few others discover ways to be happy in life. He doesn’t know that his life is about to change for the better.

Dude, as he is called, took part in a taste test that his wife had set up, and the entire thing was caught on camera. A variety of foods were put into different jars. His wife held signs up through the test that a big announcement was on the way. Dude continues tasting the items in each jar. The first two jars were a mix of items he didn’t know and one that was his favorite. Soon, he got to the jars with baby food.

He started asking questions, and the reality of what he was tasting finally came into play. There was a realization that he was eating baby food, and that there would be quite a bit in the home. Dude expressed his joy about his wife being pregnant, and he found his happiness while finding that of others.

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