He Tells His Wife Not To Go In To Work – She Thinks He’s Joking, Until He Drops THIS Bombshell!

In modern times, most women would respond with confusion or annoyance if their husband suddenly told her that he did not want her to go to work. However, this husband was actually planning a huge surprise for his wife when he told her that she should not go into work one day. At first, she thinks he is joking, but when she learns the reason behind this statement, his wife was overcome with joy.

Derrick decided to film his wife’s reaction to his surprise, and the results are truly adorable. At first, you can see how confused his wife is by Derrick telling her not to go to work. She gets even more confused when he hands her a 20 Euro bill, and tells her she will need it. She first thinks he is making some sort of joke that she is not getting, but as the realization dawns on her, she quickly becomes thrilled.

Her husband tells her that he has a big anniversary surprise, and the couple are going to celebrate their five year wedding anniversary with a trip to Europe. The wife repeats “Are you serious?!” and makes him promise that he is not just pranking her. Her husband reassures her disbelief, and explains that everything has already been taken care of. He has already called her job and gotten her time off, and he has already booked the tickets and hotels. The only thing his wife has to do is pack up a bag of clothes, and they will be on their way.

The wife begins crying with joy at the shock of the huge surprise that her husband gave her for their five year anniversary. He teases her by saying, “Why do you think I’ve been working like bolt loads of overtime?” It turns out that he has been putting in many hours at work and organizing everything, while still keeping it a secret from her. This incredible and devoted husband manages to surprise his wife and let her know just how much he values her.

Watch the video here to see this adorable and heartwarming interaction between this wonderful couple for yourself.

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