He Tells His Dog That He Looks Handsome – The Puppy’s Response? It Will Melt Your Heart!

He Tells His Dog That He Looks Handsome – The Puppy’s Response? It Will Melt Your Heart!

Have you ever received a compliment? If you have, you know there is a proper way to accept the kinds words. If someone says you look handsome, the proper thing to do is to express gratitude for the compliment. You also might want to think of a compliment you can return to the speaker. It’s not a hard thing to do. However, dogs don’t always understand how easy things can be. For example, one puppy in a viral video isn’t very good at receiving a compliment. In fact, every time the puppy’s owner says the puppy is handsome, the adorable puppy gives an annoyed bark and nibbles on the man’s neck! What is going on here? Can’t the puppy at least try to be polite?

Of course, it’s possible the puppy is trying his hardest to deliver the proper thanks for the compliment. For example, maybe the puppy thinks a sharp bark and a little nip on the back of the neck is the best way to do this. It certainly gets the man’s attention! However, it is also possible the puppy is just a little narcissistic. Obviously, the puppy knows he is handsome! He doesn’t need the owner to remind him of that every second! In fact, if you knew you were looking sharp on a particular day, you also might get annoyed if someone kept telling you how swell you looked. Few people like the obvious to be pointed out to them minute after minute.

Regardless of the true feelings of the puppy in the video, the puppy does look incredibly adorable. It’s that bandanna around its neck that really makes it happen. Clothing on puppies can walks a fine line in the style department. Some sweaters and collars on puppies can make them look downright ridiculous. However, something subtle can really bring out the cuteness. That’s exactly what that bandanna in the video does. With that bandanna around the puppy’s neck, who could not find the little guy the cutest thing seen on the Internet all day? Hopefully, it brought you a little cheer. We all might not be handsome, but we can certainly smile at those who have the good fortune to look so good!

What do you think about the video? Has your dog ever barked after you tried to give it a compliment? Are little bandannas the best way to make a puppy look cute? Check out the video Here, and let us know in the comments below!

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