He Takes Raw Bacon And Wrap It Around Some Dough And Cheese, What He Makes? YUMMY!!

Adding some variety to your appetizer repertoire can be a challenging prospect. Classic ideas such as chips and dip, mini hot dogs and deviled eggs are always appreciated, but can get old after a while. But fear not! We got chu’ covered. Make Cheesy Bacon Bombs and take your party to the next level! This simple recipe uses only a few ingredients, and it is sure to wow your guests. You will need: raw bacon, Pillsbury Grand flaky dough biscuits in a can, non-grated mozzarella cheese, toothpicks and canola oil.

The first step is to cut the mozzarella into one-inch cubes with a sharp knife. Remove the biscuits from the can and gently separate them and cut each biscuit in half. Place one square of cheese into each half of the biscuit dough. Gently wrap the dough around the cheese, pinching it to seal it completely. Next, take a piece of bacon and wrap it around the dough. Rotate the dough ball while wrapping until it is completely covered by the bacon slice and secure with a toothpick pierced through the middle. Repeat this process with the remaining cheese, bacon and dough until they are all bacon-bundled and secure.

In a large skillet, heat canola oil over medium-high heat until it reaches 350 degrees. Using tongs, place three of the of the bacon wrapped dough pieces into the hot oil. Flip the bacon after it has cooked for 30 seconds to ensure it gets browned on all sides. Continue cooking until the bacon is browned and crisp on all sides, then Remove the dough and set on a plate covered with a paper towel to drain off any excess oil. Once again, repeat with the remaining pieces. Let them cool for several minutes and then enjoy your salty, chewy fried dough with a cheesy surprise inside. For a fun variation on the recipe, diced jalapenos could be added for a spicy twist. Different spices can also be sprinkled onto the dough before wrapping it with bacon to mix up the taste or maybe try dipping them in warm raspberry preserves to contrast the salty taste of the bacon and cheese.

This recipe would be perfect as a snack while watching a football game or as an appetizer at a barbecue. The next time you are looking for the perfect recipe for your party, try these easy Cheesy Bacon Bombs. They’re bomb!

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