He Stopped His Blind Friend From Getting Beat Up. Here’s What He Has To Say On National TV…

Bullying is unfortunately a common hurdle in a young person’s life – whether they be on the giving or receiving end of the abuse. It’s fortunately much less often that the bullying happens to the impaired. This, however, wasn’t the case in one California high school.

Austin Higley a blind, 16 year old student at Huntington Beach High School was caught on video being bullied by a bigger kid who was reportedly well aware of Austin’s disability. Luckily, his friend, Cody Pines, came to the rescue, stepping in and knocking the bully to the floor. That ended the bullying immediately. The two friends have known each other since elementary school, but now their bond couldn’t be any stronger.

The two appeared on the Dr. Phil show where Austin let Cody know how he feels, saying, “Seriously, I feel like you saved my life.” The pair then shared a hug on stage. Cody also had a message for the kids out there bullying innocent kids like Austin, stating, ““Consider exactly what you’re doing whenever you bullying someone. That happens to be a human being’s life. Imagine yourself in their position and how you would feel if another person ruined your entire life by doing the same thing to you.”

Hopefully Cody’s words – and actions – will make the next bully think before he hurts someone.

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