He Stands Beneath Strange Metal Sculpture – When The Wind Blows Something Incredible Happens…

Anthony Howe is a artist who is based out of the Orcas Island in Washington state. Anthony is a sculpture who creates unique and beautiful structures out of polymer and metal that seem to come to life when the wind blows. His giant sculptures- some of which are made to look like suns bursting, jellyfish, or aliens- are known as kinetic wind sculptures.

Anthony’s goal with his work is to make people stop and take a second look, to make their head turn and have them stop and think for a minute. He wants people who see his work to experience another reality for a minute and have to really process what they are seeing.

His work certainly has that effect on people. Many have said that they find that his work has seamless and peaceful movements that leave those watching transfixed, that they can find a meditative quality in them.

Anthony and his wife run his art business together without the help of agents, galleries, or managers. One of his pieces can sell from anywhere between $45,000 to over $400,000. His sculptures can take countless manpower and hours for him to build and construct. His work can be found on his social media sites.

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