He Sees Sadness In Shelter Dog’s Eyes, And Notices Something Missing From The Floor…

A man named Stuart Edge recently did a wonderful thing for some shelter dogs in Deseret, UT. Edge started out by merely volunteering his time at his local shelter, and as he socialized, feed and walked the dogs waiting for adoption, he was touched by how cute and friendly they were, and he wanted to do even more for them.

Edge asked the regular shelter employees what else the canines needed and was informed that not all of the animals had adequate beds to sleep on. In fact, many of them were simply trying to make themselves comfortable on the chilly concrete floors of the shelter.

Moved to action by the plight of the dogs, Edge recruited some of his friends and the group purchased a carload of dog beds. When Edge delivered them to the shelter, he brought his friends with him, and the humans spent some quality time outdoors with the animals before departing.

The dogs were more than happy to bed down on their comfortable new resting places, especially since they had just been exercising outdoors. The whole story is a delightful reminder of the profound connection between humans and dogs and serves as an inspiration for anyone who would like to do more for man’s best friend.

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