He Screams At His Wife For Delivering Their Baby Inside His Brand New Truck

Dr. Snyder, who is an emergency surgeon, walked outside the hospital and discovered that a pregnant woman was bleeding heavily inside of her truck. Her husband and the bystanders were panicking.

Dr. Snyder knew that he had to act quickly because the woman was in labor. He delivered the baby in the couple’s truck. The baby girl’s umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, but the doctor managed to untangle it. The baby was healthy and did not have any complications.

Dr.Snyder cleaned the little girl up and placed her on her mother’s chest after delivering her. He thought that the woman’s husband would be happy to see the baby, but he had a different reaction. He was upset that the woman bled in their new car. He also told his wife that she could have waited 15 minutes to give birth. The man was insensitive and did not seem to care that his wife had just given birth.

The woman, whose name is Andrea, punched her husband in the face. The story is from an episode of “Untold Stories Of The ER”. The video has been uploaded to YouTube and been viewed over one million times. Many people have commented saying that they would have done the same thing.

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