He Protects His Son From Neighborhood Bullies With Secret Weapon Hiding Under His Blue Jacket

An American Family Insurance commercial released around Father’s Day 2016 has an incredibly heartwarming story and touching message. The ad focuses on the support a father has for his son, although the true message of the ad isn’t revealed until the end.

The video is two and a half minutes long and begins with a young boy watching a video of a flamenco dancer, hoping someday he can be a dancer as well. His dad enters the room, hands him a box containing a judo uniform, and tells him his training starts tomorrow. As the boy’s father escorts him to the judo practice, they pass by a group of bullies who pick on him. His father shields him from the bullies as they taunt him and call him “daddy’s boy.”

The boy struggles in his first judo practice, and he doesn’t know what to do or how to act. Over time, though, he steadily improves. The ad shows him working out by running, jumping rope, and lifting weights. He becomes better at sparring and rises in belt color and rank, eventually winning a competition and receiving a trophy. His parents support him every step of the way, especially his father.

As the boy hangs up his green belt and displays his trophy at home, his father enters his bedroom again, handing him another box. Inside, the boy finds a flamenco dance uniform. He proudly dons the outfit as he heads outside and walks past the group of bullies. “Nice outfit,” one of them taunts him, but he just keeps going, looking tough and unafraid. Because of his judo training, he has no reason to fear the bullies.

The video ends with the message, “When you’re pursuing a dream, it helps to have the right insurance first.” The audience doesn’t realize the video is an American Family Insurance commercial until the very end, but the heartwarming message is clear throughout the entire video.

In only a week after the video was uploaded, it received almost two million views. Hundreds of people have commented expressing their support for the ad and sharing their own stories about their fathers. The video sends a powerful message about both facing bullies and supporting your family.

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