He Photographed His Hilarious Pregnant Wife Once A Week For 9 Months – The Result Is AMAZING!

Most couples dream of having children one day. While it can be the greatest time in life, pregnancy can also be extremely difficult and trying as well. In late 2012, Tomor and Osher finally heard the exciting news that they were eagerly awaiting, the couple was told by their doctor that Osher was pregnant with a baby girl.

After they were done laughing, screaming and celebrating, the couple came up with a great way to capture the nine month pregnancy on film. Over the course of the nine months, Tomor photographed his wife’s belly once a week, documenting as her belly grew bigger and bigger. To make the photos a bit more interesting, the couple decided to photoshop the pictures. Different backgrounds and lighting effects were added, and even some Nutella was thrown into the mix as well. Every frame of the final video was taken separately.

The entire process was extremely fun for the couple, and Tomor was finally able to live out his dreams of being a film director and editor and he was also able enjoy watching the beautiful growth of his little girl – the project made the pregnancy more fun and a bit easier. By the end of the entire process, the couple’s little girl became a YouTube star. The nine month project was eventually uploaded to YouTube in a stop motion video, and it ended with the birth of Emma.

The final product proved to be an amazing video that is truly, naturally beautiful. Over 1.2 million people have liked Tomor and Osher’s video. It has also been shared thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter. Words alone can’t do the nine month project justice.

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