He Noticed A Black Bear Drowning In The Water. What He Does Next Is Something Few Would EVER Do

A black bear sighting in Florida was bungled by authorities, and the animal almost drowned in the ocean as a result. After being spotted in Alligator Point, the beastly creature faced off with regional wildlife officers. The plan was to relocate him towards a safer area using tranquilizer guns. Apparently, the sedatives weren’t strong enough, and the enraged mammal started charging towards the sea.

As he attempted swimming, it became clear that doom was on the way. The intoxication started impairing the bear’s physical functions, and he began to slowly sink beneath the surface.

Fortunately, Adam Warwick was nearby to save the day with a crazy act of heroism. Without pausing to think, the Wildlife Commission biologist took a daring dive into the water. His leap of faith landed him amidst incredibly rocky waves alongside the thrashes of a dying monster. After dodging a few deadly bites, Adam looped an arm around his neck and started swimming to shore. Amazingly, he was able to keep the big guy’s head above water the whole time.

At 400 pounds, the critter’s weight threatened to pull them both under. Miraculously, they arrived on shore together. At this point, the exhausted bear collapsed from grogginess. Next, he was successfully relocated back to his habitat within the Osceola National Forest. Meanwhile, our hero displayed no signs of injury or tiredness. He must do this on a regular basis!

Ultimately, man is bear’s best friend; at least, that’s what you’ll be thinking after you see this video!

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