He Is Told It Is His Turn To Feed The Baby. So Mom Turns On The Camera. What She Captures? LOL

When mom’s need to take a moment to rest or be alone they’ll sometimes ask the man of the house to feed the baby. Sometimes the results are typical, sometimes the results are unusual, and sometimes it turns into a fiasco.

This mother asked the father of their baby to feed the child while she rested, and there something hilarious was caught on camera when he was talking to the child…. Some parents come up with tricks in order to get their children to eat like a song or a game, that often works to get the child to eat their food.

This father has a especially creative way to try and get his son to enjoy a meal. Lionel Richie has a song called “Hello”, and this clever dad came up with his own lyrics to the song about Jell-O. He feeds his baby a small cup of Jell-O and sings about his son eating the treat. All the while the baby is smiling and eating, the trick seems to work.

However you get a child to eat, the important part is that they do eat and don’t starve. Left to their own devices children would probably go extinct in a matter of weeks – they don’t seem to understand the concept that food = fuel. So it’s a good thing all us adults are here to trick kids into eating the food they need to survive with clever songs and games. Check out the video below to watch this dad’s expert technique!

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