He Has The Grumpiest Baby Face Of All Time, But How Mommy Makes Him Smile…Adorable!

Baby faces are crazy. They seem to be able to convey almost any emotion. Many times a baby face will express laughter and joy. These are the best baby faces. Everyone loves a smiling and laughing baby.

However, sometimes babies just aren’t feeling the happiness. If a baby isn’t outright screaming, he or she might show a grumpy face. People love these faces too! A grumpy baby face is endearing. It makes us a laugh a little inside because we know the baby really doesn’t have anything to be grumpy about! Notwithstanding, seeing a baby face go from grumpy to happy is a rare treat. That is exactly what happens in a popular Internet video. An adorably grumpy baby goes to an adorably happy baby. It’s fantastic!

In truth, the happy face is made by the parent forcing the grumpy baby’s face into a smile. As soon as the fingers propping up each cheek let go, the baby’s face reverts back into its incredible grumpy scowl. This process is repeated over and over again. The baby is always able to keep his grumpy face. This is even as the adults are chuckling around him. It is a unique and endearing baby video.

So what might the future hold for the insanely popular grumpy baby? He might be able to play poker with a face like that! It looks like this guy could hold a winning hand and not let anybody in on it! What do you think? Let us know!

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