He Had A Bad Day At Work – Then He Looks Out Of His Truck And Sees THIS…

He Had A Bad Day At Work – Then He Looks Out Of His Truck And Sees THIS…

A man named Quintin Conway was having a bad day, but then something happened that allowed him to get some perspective on his problems. Conway was basically feeling cranky and unsatisfied. He was upset about issues at his job and at home, but they weren’t really big problems. Basically, he was just feeling sorry for himself.

He was driving in his car in this self-pitying frame of mind when he spotted a woman sitting in a parked truck reading. She was totally bald. Conway drove past, but then he had a sudden and inexplicable to do something nice for her. He just sensed that she was very down and in need of encouragement, and he thought that she probably had cancer.

He bought some flowers and returned to her car. Telling the woman that he didn’t know her but thought she might need a lift, he presented her with the flowers, and the woman began crying and said to Conway that he had made her day.

The lesson Conway learned from the encounter is that no matter how bad your own situation seems, someone else has it worse. Although he didn’t want to, family and friends convinced Conway to share his story online to inspire others. Conway hopes that viewers will be motivated to do something nice, however small, for another person.

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