He Finds A Dead Looking Puppy On A Busy Street. Now Watch Where He Brings Him…

There are many stray dogs on the street in America. These dogs roam the streets every day looking for food water and shelter. Unfortunately, many of these dogs remain on the streets until they die. One kind man took it upon himself to rescue a puppy who had been suffering from distemper.

Distemper is a very serious condition that affects a dog’s respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. It also affects the conjunctival membranes in the eyes. Weepy-looking eyes are one of the first signs of distemper in a dog, which is what the puppy exhibited.

Not only was the puppy seriously ill, but she was also malnourished. The man took the puppy to Animal Aid Unlimited, which is an animal hospital. The puppy was given antibiotics to treat her distemper. She was also given IV fluids. Although things were not looking good at first, the puppy began to eat and walk again after two weeks of treatment.

The heartwarming video that shows the dog’s amazing progress has been posted online. It has received over 470,000 likes on Facebook and 1,200 shares. At the end of the video, people are encouraged to donate to Save An Angel in order to help more animals.

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