He Dove Into Flooded Waters To Save This Unlikely Drowning Victim…

In the last week, Houston, Texas has been experiencing unprecedented rainfall that has turned into a series of deadly floods for the area. Local news stations are reporting that so far eight people have died and thousands of homes have been destroyed because of the rushing waters.

In one creek, waters rose over 25 feet above what the levels normally are. Hundreds of people have been displaced from their homes and it is going to take many months before Houston is back to normal. Through all this chaos, many do not stop to think about the pets and animals that are impacted by the waters as well.

Houston area Cypress Trails Equestrian Center houses around 75 horses at their facility. The flood waters had those animals nearly completely submerged under. Thanks to the help of caring humans, 70 of the 75 horses managed to escaped with their lives from the raging waters.

Residents of the area jumped into the turbulent waters to save the scared horses. One by one, the men and women retrieved each terrified horse and brought them on to safer grounds.

When asked, one rescuer said, “These aren’t just horses. They’re a part of the family…”

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